Prepare for traveling internationally and domestically.

As you anticipate that beachside bungalow or mountain-view cabin, also remember the importance of setting your trip up for financial success. Whether you’re flying overseas or driving across state lines, below are some best practices to protect your finances while traveling.  

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Travel Notifications

  • While you’re sitting poolside and ready for a cool drink, the last thing you need is notice of a declined card. About a week before takeoff, Contact Us if you plan to use your debit card while traveling. We’ll add a travel notification on your card.
  • Also, if you plan on using credit cards, you should notify those providers of your travel plans.
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Card Block and Unblock

  • Reach into your wallet and don’t see your debit card? Give yourself immediate peace of mind by opening the Mobile App and Blocking Your Card. If it’s truly lost or stolen, this option ensures that nobody can make fraudulent transactions using your account. If it was only temporarily misplaced, you can simply tap again unblock. 
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Account and Debit Card Alerts

  • Account alerts can let you know if a transaction has occurred or if your account reached below a certain amount. Sign up for Account Alerts within Online or Mobile Banking. Card Alerts can help you keep track of your card activity anytime and anywhere. Set up card alerts through online banking.
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Diversify Payment Options

  • If your wallet goes missing, do you have an alternative way to pay? Consider leave some cash or a different debit or credit card in the hotel safe. Additionally, consider adding you debit card to a Mobile Wallet for a safe and convenient alternative. Mobile Wallet has become accepted at more and more retailers.
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Reloadable Mastercard Travel Card

  • We offer reloadable Mastercard Travel Card as an additional payment option.
    • Travel Cards can be used to make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
    • Companion Cards are available.
    • Travel Cards can be used to get cash at ATMs.
    • Travel Cards are not tied to your bank account.
    •  Purchase and reload fees apply.
    • Interested in learning more? Contact Us.                                     

Currency Exchange

  • Prefer to use cash? You can buy and sell foreign currency at your nearest Branch.
    • Orders are typically ready to pick up within two business days but may take up to four days.
    • Competitive exchange rates, updated daily.
    • Modest shipping & handling charge.

Have a Great Time!