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ACH Origination

Manage your payroll, payments, receipts and more with FNB’s ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination. ACH Origination lets you electronically send and collect payments through the ACH network, streamlining your payment processes and eliminating checks. ACH also provides precise control over your cash flow by giving you the ability to specify the settlement date of remittances and payments.  In the near future, we will offer same-day ACH processing of virtually any ACH payment.

Key benefits to your business

  • Increase efficiency – Using a single access point for payments and funds transfers can dramatically increase the efficiency of your operations. Storing payment information eliminates manual data entry and allows you to streamline recurring batch processing.
  • Reduce costs and risks – By eliminating paper checks, you can significantly reduce costs while minimizing the errors that can occur when you manually process checks. Using electronic payments decreases the risk of check fraud and lost checks.
  • Improved forecasting and cash flow – ACH Origination helps you gain greater control over your cash flow by specifying settlement dates for payments and remittances. In addition, you receive a complete record of transactions for a precise audit trail.

ACH Tax Payments

Secondary Users

Limits and access rights per account.

Wire Transfers

Send or receive money fast - it's easy! First National Bank can assist you with incoming or outgoing domestic wire transfers. As with all our services, we use the utmost precautions to protect your privacy.  International wire transfers are available by contacting the bank.

Key benefits to your business

Efficient – Wire transfer provides same-day availability of funds and reduces administrative time.

Increased security – Wire transfers are the most secure and cost-effective method to move large value payments.