Mobile Banking at-a-Glance

With our FREE mobile banking, not only can you manage a number of banking functions, you can do it anytime, anywhere. The First National Bank of Steeleville app is available for all Android and Apple devices.

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Look at all you can do from the palm of your hand!
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Safe and Secure.
  • Securely encrypted technology
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Logout timer
  • Do Your Part
Mobile Banking is a FREE service offered by FNB!
  • Mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply

Biometric Authentication at-a-Glance

Skip the password, not the security. Our app supports Apple’s Touch ID ® and Face ID ® or Android’s Fingerprint Login for quick and secure account access.

Securely access Mobile Banking using fingerprint or facial recognition!
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Easy Setup
  • Already using Biometric Authentication on your device? Simply activate biometric authentication on Mobile Banking under Preferences.
  • New to Biometric Authentication?
    • Step 1: Activate biometric login on your eligible device.
    • Step 2: The next time you open our Mobile Banking app, you’ll receive a prompt asking if you would like to enable Fingerprint ID or Face ID depending on which you have enabled on our device. Choose “Enable”.
    • It’s that easy! You now have the additional security of Biometric Authentication.
Pretty simple!

External Funds Transfer at-a-Glance

Even though we’d love to be your one and only bank, we understand that you may have banking relationships with other financial institutions. External Funds Transfer (EFTs) makes it easy to transfer funds between those accounts and your accounts with us.

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Interested in using External Funds Transfer?
  • Call us at 618-965-3441
  • email us at
  • Message us through Mobile or Online Banking
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Mobile or Online Banking enrollment required
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ACH transactions
  • EFTs are processed through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) network.
  • ACH transactions may take 2 – 3 days and are not instant/real-time transactions.
External Funds Transfer is a FREE service offered by FNB!
  • Mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply.