Tips to Avoid Overdrafts

There are many ways to prevent overdrafts from occurring. The best method is to keep track of your account.

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Enroll in Mobile or Online Banking. Frequently view your account balances with Mobile or Online Banking. If you account balance is getting low, instantly transfer funds between accounts using Mobile or Online Banking.

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Enroll for Text Banking. Receive your account balance anytime, anywhere with Text Banking.

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Create Alerts. Set up an alert to let you know when your balance is getting low or if there is a pending transaction. You may create alerts using Mobile or Online Banking. 

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Link with your savings account. With Overdraft Protection, you can have funds automatically pulled from your savings account when your checking account falls below a preset amount. Contact Us to set-up Overdraft Protection. 

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Keep your register updated. If you do not know how much money is in your checking account right now, then you are at risk of overdrawing your account. Make it a habit to enter each check, ACH or debit card purchase as it is made. Don’t forget to record ATM withdrawals, automatic payments and deposits.


Review your statement. Compare your monthly statement to your check register and take care of any discrepancies immediately. You can view eStatements anytime, anywhere through Mobile or Online Banking.