Text Banking at-a-Glance

With a few text commands, you can quickly receive account information such as balances via text messages. You don’t need to sign in and it’s just as secure as our other services. Once enrolled, simply add 44660 to your contact list to send text commands. We’ll reply with requested information.

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Enroll through Mobile or Online Banking

  • Select Sign Up under Text Banking
  • Enter your Mobile Phone Number
  • Select the accounts you wish to enable for Text Banking
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Text Information Request

  • sum – Receive summary information for all enabled accounts
  • bal – Receive balances for enabled accounts
  • help – Receive a text message listing available keyword
  • sum ck1 – receive summary information for account ck1
  • bal sv2 – receive balance information for account sv2
  • You can use your own mobile friendly names, up to 5 characters to replace the example account names ck1 and sv2

Text Banking is a FREE service offered by FNB!

  • Mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply