Cash Management

We understand that owning a business takes vision and hard work. As a business owner, your dream thrives because of your dedication and commitment to its success.

Our efficient business solutions can help! Our Cash Management Products is designed to help our business customers automate the way they service their employees and customers. 

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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

  • Reduce the time involved with processing checks
  • Reduce the exposure associated with paper check fraud
  • Reduce business costs by using ACH for Direct Deposit payroll, payments and receipts
  • Improve control over cash flow by giving you the ability to specify settlement dates
  • Make state and federal tax payments
  • Daily processing cutoff time is 3:30 PM. Transmission of data excludes weekends and holidays
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Positive Pay

  • Simple, Secure and Convenient
  • Reduce risk of check and/or ACH fraud
  • Receive notification of suspicious items
  • Access check images
  • Approve or decline suspicious items

Wire Transfers

  • Same-day transfers
  • Domestic or foreign wires
  • Ideal for large dollar transfers
  • Daily processing cutoff time is 3:30 p.m. CST
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Stop Payment

  • Prevent payment on a check or recurring debit transaction that hasn’t processed yet
  • Stop Payment ensures that you are not going to be charged for a purchase or service that you cancel
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Remote Deposit Capture

  • Transactions can be submitted 24/7
  • Improve cash flow by getting deposits to the bank sooner
  • Easy to use internet-based service with scanner
  • Remote deposits are processed for deposit same day if received prior to 4:00 PM
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