Positive Pay at-a-Glance

Positive pay is a straight-forward tool that mitigates the risk of check fraud. The process catches “bad” checks with altered amounts, invalid dates, or duplicate checks.

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Here's how it works

  • Accessible through our Cash Management Online Banking solution
  • You transmit a list of issued checks through your online account each day that includes the date, check numbers and amounts of the checks
  • We complete the verification process, comparing checks presented to those you issued and report exceptions to you
  • We notify you of suspicious transactions
  • Then, you tell us whether to accept or reject the check
  • You have access to the check information and digital images to help with decision-making
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Automated Clearing House

  • You can also use Positive Pay with ACH transactions, ensuring electronic transfers or debits are legitimate

Best of all, Positive Pay is absolutely FREE!

  • Just another benefit of having your business checking account with us!
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