Telephone Banking


With Telephone Banking, you have automated access 24/7 to your account information.

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  • Check account balances
  • Check recent transactions on deposit accounts
  • Search account history by amount or check number
  • Transfer funds between FNB accounts
  • Check CD information
  • Make loan payments
  • Change your PIN
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Getting started with Telephone Banking

  • Input your complete social security number or tax identification number when prompted
  • If it is your first-time calling Telephone Banking, input the last 4-digts of your SSN or Tax ID as your one-time Security Code when prompted
  • After you have logged in the first time, you must change your Security Code to something other than the last 4-digits of your SSN or Tax ID
  • Each time you call Telephone Banking, you will enter your complete SSN or Tax ID followed by your unique 4-digit Security Code
  • Follow the prompts to access the account information you need

Pretty simple!